Introducing the revolutionary 200mW Red Laser Pointer, a high-intensity laser beam that delivers exceptional clarity and precision. With its 200mW output power, this laser pointer emits a vivid red beam that projects up to 10 kilometers, making it ideal for long-range presentations, astronomy, and outdoor activities. The laser’s adjustable focus allows you to customize the spot size according to your needs.

Constructed from durable aviation aluminum, the 200mW Red Laser Pointer is both robust and lightweight. Its compact size of φ22110MM ensures easy portability, while the ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip. Powering the laser is a single CR123A battery, ensuring a long operating time. For added convenience, the package includes two extra batteries and a charger.

Safety Precautions:
It is crucial to use the 200mW Red Laser Pointer responsibly and adhere to the following safety guidelines:

Avoid direct eye contact with the laser beam.
Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces.
Keep the laser pointer out of reach of children.
Store the laser pointer in a safe and dry location.

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